Fit Tip #1 – Watch Your Language

Now I know you’re asking yourself… how is watching my language going to help me succeed at living a more fit and healthy lifestyle? Let me explain.

You may be sabotaging your fitness goals and not even realize it. You may be setting yourself back due to your own self talk, or the way you are expressing your fitness goals to others!

Do you say… “I’ll Try” to work out this week, or “I’ll Try” to eat healthy this week? Right off the bat you are allowing yourself a way out of your commitment, simply by the words you are choosing to identify your fitness goal. When you say, “I’ll Try” instead of “I will” then if you don’t follow through you can tell yourself… “Well, I tried.” Saying you will “try” is not making a firm commitment to a goal. It’s an easy way to avoid taking personal responsibility for your actions! Instead use powerful words! Say, “I will” work out three times this week for 30 minutes! “I will” lose two pounds this week by increasing my exercise and eating healthy foods that are good for me and will help me reach my fitness goals!

Do you say… “I can’t eat healthy because I’ve got kids (or a spouse who doesn’t eat healthy, or co-workers who want to go out to eat all the time)”. Once again, listen to the language you are using. If this sounds familiar to you, you may be playing the blame game. You may be allowing yourself to continue to make excuses and procrastinate when it comes to making the necessary changes in your lifestyle. Remember that the choices you make are YOUR choices. Making the healthy choice, and creating the healthy habit in your life will aid you in being not just a healthier person, but a more active mother or father, a more energetic and healthy wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, a less stressed and more productive friend or employee/employer. Take charge of your actions! Tell yourself that you and only you can make these changes! Tell yourself “I can eat well and create healthy lifestyle habits!” Once you’ve made that decision and tell yourself this, you can find strategies to overcome the obstacles that life throws in your way!

You have choices in life. Living fit and healthy is a choice. It is something that you can do… yes even you! Life may be throwing obstacles in your way, but if you understand that your health is one of the most important things for you to manage, if you understand that being fit and healthy is going to help you succeed in all your other roles of life as well, you will be successful in setting fitness goals for yourself and accomplishing them. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Start saying “I will” today!

Listen to the language that you use when expressing your fitness goals. Are you making excuses or giving yourself an out? It may be time for you to reevaluate and really commit to your goals! You have the power within you to make the necessary changes that will benefit the quantity and quality of your life.

Let us help you! Our goal and mission at Destined 2 Be Fit is to educate you on the healthy choices that you need to be making in your life, we are here to help you identify what is motivating you to make these changes. We are here to help you recognize the obstacles, or the language, that is standing between you and fitness success, and we are here to help you find ways to overcome these obstacles. We aim to keep you motivated and to provide you with support!

What language are you using that may be holding you back from achieving your fitness goals? What can you say instead that will assist you in succeeding?


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